willem vandenberGhe


"to unleash a gheisa" (nara, japan)


"waiting for good"


"med vid / meth vet"


"a-o-ra: live @ the temple" (first B.L.A.S.T. antwerp art festifal, antwerp, belgium) (2017.05)


"piotr & willem @ de oude beurs "(antwerp, belgium) for multitud dance group (2017.07)


"phantom vibrations & sonic photon @ mas" (antwerp, belgium) (2017.11)


"phantom vibrations & sonic photon @ muka" (antwerp, belgium) (near amvk)  T.H.I.N.K. invasions there and everywhere (2018.04)


"the naked cut"


"Hz sounds (Hurtz-Heartz)"


"phantom vibration: the screening of a painting"


"the golden buzz" (silent version)



"phantom vibrations & sonic photon @ mas" (antwerp, belgium) (2017.11)

"golden buzz meditation"


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