willem vandenberGhe


my dahlia (1993-1998) triplet not released on NORMAL REC crippled dix but no hot wax

the orphy phantoms (1994-1996)

inter sound formation (1993-1997)

blunt roller (1997-1998)

leony nash & the hogs (1999-2002)

foxxee sergia (1997-2017)

a°o°ra (2017-2020)

bhajan sessions (°°°)

sonic photon (°°°)

phantom vibrations (2017-2018)                                                                                     

amrita maskularia (2018-°°°)                                                                                         

eye moon arch (2019-°°°)                                                                                             

II (the off u.s.) (our little group) (2019)                                                                   

I (°°°)      

amrita maskulina for kugot butoh (joan laage) : "13:13" (o.s.t. for the non performance of a movement) (2019)  

doemaarde band (2020)                                                                                                        

klankmetatalen : "klang ton hause (krank heiling sitzung)" (°°°)







foxxee sergia

"the kind of smile you find on the mouth of a skull"


phoney recordings:

bandcamp / soundcloud    


amrita maskularia

a holy three piece band, cumming soon  in your place and its surroundings. mind your ears and fears. 

came in the temple and left it burning eternally in blanked lines and the whitened snow.

left scripted rights from the black book.

a°or°a°or°a°o°ra°a°or°a°or°a°o°ra°a°or°a°or°a°o°rarara era

sonic photon & phantom vibrations providing you mental compositions that soothe or enhance you from both sides.

amrita maskularia

a°°°m   A)-(M   a°°°m




a°°°m   a)))°°°(((m   a°°°m

eye moon arch     eye moon archestra     ARC I : BOR ORO RING project #001:::loading oceans project #002:::expanding orbit project #003:::do you in tuning project #004:::darker knight lighter tear project #005:::eternal phile project #006:::anatola (high on) project #007:::goddess rooms ARC II: ENDUCTIONS project #001:::the kiss project #002:::the one project #003:::the secret project #004:::the crossed leg project #005:::my royal blood project #006:::the coming off project #007:::the gross, the mass & the lead of Ms ARC III: OTHER'S ON TURN IN project #001:::end sounds in time project #002;::wheep thye shores project #003:::matching lucifers project #004:::mike & scout project #005:::a man ita to announce rita project #006:::stroke the kitten, star me project #007:::envocation and dance project #008:::strumbling and therefor strolling project #009:::oceana drain project #010:::bh 1 project #011::: bh 2 project #012:::bh 3 project #013::: ACT IV: BLACK DOGS OVER & OVER END ON ACT V: HERR JASS ACT VI: MUSIC FOR ROTATOR (v-generator) ACT VII: MUSIC FOR  MACROTATION extra:::act 8:::sounds of microtation  (ema performing    a ° o ° r a  :::  °°°mass d.a.°°°)

(digitally taken by fuggy thieves)

II (the band)

"the off u.s. (coney island couch)"

a big one, for our little gropes, a little one, for our big hopes

two to coral riffin' (in moaning):

1. velvet couch    - red

2. velvet boots    - orange

3. velvet fanny    - yellow

4. velvet apple    - green 

5. velvet scarf      - blue

6. velvet eye        - indigo

7. violet head      - violet

(on pose)

I : little gutz

II : big bass


"hor I son"



a s i d e   o n c e   I   p a s s e d   

h e r   s u n   y o u r   e y e   w i l l   s e e   c u r v e s   b e s i d e

AMBIENT MUSIC : on a horse... a sympohony for you

sit back, relax, c-lose your eyes and listen as if you already see the screen play

see it as   a m r i t a   m a s k u l a r i a

bhajan sessions

sounds from the search of a°°°m

amrita maskularia xxx sonic photon

"video-19 healing"

free healing*

(* free healing can cause severe casts)

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